Plinko review

The Plinko game debuted in January 1983 on the popular U.S. television show Price is Right, where contestants competed for cash prizes. Plinko was one of the most exciting games on the show. Plinko was named for the sound of metal disks falling on a flat vertical board between rows of pegs.

plinko game

Plinko was played at carnivals, fairs and other entertainment events when visiting friends and at home with family.

After 40 years, the game is a trend in the world of online slots.

Modern gambling organizers offer computer and mobile versions of the game, which allow fans of entertainment to play Plinko online for real money and in demo mode.

What is Plinko

Plinko consists of a vertical board on a stand with rectangular pegs arranged in rows.

At the top of the board there is a starting platform from where the player launches the disks downwards. On the way, the disks bounce off the pegs, change direction and fall into one of the holes at the bottom of the board.

Each accidental hitting of disks into holes has a cost — the player gets points according to which hole the disk fell into.


Players at Plinko can rely on luck and choose the most advantageous positions to launch drives, but the results are unpredictable.

How to play

Winning in Plinko depends on chance and luck, the main goal of the participants of the game is to watch the process and have fun!

Plinko’s versatility lies in its ability to be played by any number of participants or teams:

  1. Prepare a vertical Plinko board with rectangular holes and pegs.
  2. Determine the number of points for each hole to receive disks.
  3. Take a flat metal or plastic disk and throw it down so that it passes through the pegs. The disk will change direction and fall into one of the holes at the bottom of the board.
  4. Record the result obtained.

online plinko game

Participants repeat the disc throws the required number of times within the selected game rules.

The winner of the competition is determined by the sum of points scored.

The Plinko game online can be modified and made more difficult if desired:

  • different levels of peg placement on the board, obstacles, moving elements, changing peg placement;
  • special rules for the hole — receivers of disks, for example, a double hit can give the player an extra shot or the opportunity to double points.

casino plinko

Team play in Plinko adds excitement and enhances the competitive spirit — participants work together to achieve a common goal, each team striving to score the maximum points.

Some online casinos offer free bonuses or spins that can be used for slots including Plinko.

What kinds are there

Plinko’s modifications include a variety of play options.

Classic Plinko

Classic Plinko — the basic version of the game, consists of a vertical board with rows of pegs and pockets — receivers of disks of different importance.

Characteristics of Classic Plinko:

  • a rectangular shaped vertical board made of a sturdy material — wood or plastic;
  • pegs arranged on a board usually in a pyramidal structure at regular intervals;
  • rectangular holes to accept disks of different significance may be of different sizes or on different surfaces;
  • metal or plastic throwing disks on a board of sufficient size and weight to easily fly through pegs and bounce off obstacles;
  • the significance of the hole determines the number of points or the amount of money a player will receive if his disk falls into the hole.

Classic Plinko attracts participants of all ages and allows players to enjoy the moment of dropping the disk and waiting for the outcome.

classic plinko

Classic Plinko variants:

  • deluxe-Plinko adds additional elements: LED lights or sound effects to make the game more spectacular;
  • mini-Plinko — a smaller version of the Plinko board with smaller diameter disks, can be compact and portable, allowing you to play while travelling;
  • the giant version of the game uses a huge vertical board with large disks, Plinko is placed on the floor or vertically mounted on the wall; the giant Plinko machine creates an impressive visual effect, attracts attention at carnivals, fairs, shows and other entertainment events;
  • adding thematic elements to Plinko, holding tournaments on significant dates add uniqueness to the game and generate public interest.

Fans of the game choose different themes related to nature, countries of the world, plots from movies and books, experiment with the rules, and adjust Plinko to personal interests.

Plinko X

Plinko X is an online variant of the popular game by developer Smartsoft Gaming.

Plinko X online slot attracts players with the ability to increase the bet by 10000 times.

The slot is a pyramid with pegs. Players throw balls from the top of the pyramid and get cash prizes depending on where the balls fall.

The game is played on a fixed board of 17 cells, with prizes ranging from x0.2 to x1000 of the bet amount. Plinko X can be bet from €0.1 to €100.

plinko x

In a Smartsoft Gaming slot, the player cannot set the preferred level of risk on his own.

Online Plinko X offers three different types of balls that drop randomly:

  • pink with a x1 multiplier;
  • yellow with a x5 multiplier;
  • red with a multiplier of x10.

The RTP in the Plinko X game is 98.5%.

The design of Plinko X slot provides an underwater theme with beautiful graphics and music, creating a relaxing atmosphere for a vacation.

In Plinko X, the player can choose to explore the statistics tabs, betting history, and a chart with the biggest daily, weekly and monthly wins. The developer has provided a chat function that allows individuals to interact with each other while playing.

The auto-play mode allows you to choose from 50 to 10000 spins, turbo mode which doubles the speed of the game.

With auto-mode slot fans make up to 200 bets in 1 minute!

Plinko XY

Plinko XY is an arcade online slot by provider BGaming.

Participants in the game drop balls along the wall in the shape of a pyramid with pegs. Depending on the position of the Plinko ball in the hole at the bottom of the pyramid, the player will receive up to 1000 times the bet. The farther the hole is from the center, the bigger multiplier the participant will get.

plinko xy

The simulator allows you to choose the level of risk, customize the number of active rows with payout ratios, and offers a generous payout — 98.91%.

The length of the line with quotes for winning is from 8 to 16 cells.

The bet size in the Plinko XY slot is $1-100.

Before launching the ball, the player selects the bet size and risk level. The «Play» button will start the game.

Horse Plinko

Horse Plinko is a multi-level variant of the online game.

horse plinko

Horse Plinko is a field with obstacles — balls. The player chooses the direction of falling of the game ball with a drawing of a horse and tries to collect all the obstacles on the field. For each collected ball the player gets points.

plinko horse game

Each new level makes it harder to collect the balls.

Crypto Plinko

Cryptocurrency betting has become popular in betting contours and casinos. Many companies accept bets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, TRON, Litecoin and other digital coins.

Gambling organizers offer cryptocurrency wallet holders to play Plinko for crypto currency.

Which bookmakers and casinos have

Gaming enthusiasts will be able to find Plinko at online casinos and international bookmakers: 1xBet, Parimatch, Melbet, JoyCasino, Stake, PlayAmo, Gunsbet and Bitstarz and other popular Plinko gambling sites.

stake plinko

The availability in the entertainment service and the availability of the game depends on the player’s location and local legislation.

Fans can find Plinko slot in popular casinos and bookmakers or get information about the availability of the slot in customer support of the site chosen for the game.

Where you can play for money

Users play Plinko for real money at online casinos and bookmakers. Popular sites offering customers to play Plinko for money:

  • 1xBet;
  • Melbet;
  • Stake;
  • JoyCasino;
  • PlayAmo;
  • Gunsbet;
  • Bitstarz;
  • Vulkan Vegas.

Before playing for money, it is important for the user to read the rules and features of the game published on the entertainment site, carefully study the terms and restrictions related to deposits, withdrawals and bets, play responsibly — limit the duration of gaming sessions and the budget for betting.

Plinko demo game online

Many online casinos and bookmakers offer demo versions of the game Plinko. The Familiar version of Plinko allows you to play the slot for free without risking real money.

Fans of gambling entertainment can choose a demo version of Plinko for fun, learning the mechanics and features of the game, developing their own strategy before betting real money.

For free play, the user opens the Plinko slot in the menu of the casino or betting office and turns on the demo mode.

Social media and mobile apps allow gambling enthusiasts to participate in Plinko tournaments for free or play on their own.

Free games offer users to bet virtual currency in Plinko.

How to play Plinko at home

You can play classic Plinko at home with friends, or choose your favorite slot and play online using your smartphone or PC.

plinko home

To make your own Plinko board, you need to prepare available materials:

  • a wooden board or a 60×90 cm thick cardboard;
  • metal pegs or screws;
  • metal disks — coins or bottle caps.

Making Plinko at home:

  1. Place equal rows of peg marks on the board or cardboard with 5-10 cm between them.
  2. Drive pegs or screws into the mark areas to create a pyramidal structure to guide and bounce the disks.
  3. Install rectangular or round holes in the bottom of the board to receive falling disks.
  4. Assign each hole a number of points.
  5. Set the board upright and start the game.

Plinko can be played individually or as a team. Players throw disks from the top of the board, record and total the points scored depending on the value of the holes the disks hit.

plinko home game

Pros and cons of Plinko slot

Plinko offers unique game mechanics based on finding falling disks, which makes the slot attractive and interesting for players.

Plinko Benefits:

  • simple mechanics and rules of the game allow beginners to quickly learn and start playing;
  • variability of winnings — the possibility of getting valuable and cash prizes or playing in the company of friends for points;
  • Visual appeal — Plinko is usually presented in a bright and attractive design with colorful graphics and animations;
  • opportunity to play for money and in demo mode.

The downside of the game:

  • high level of randomness — the player cannot influence the outcomes;
  • limited strategies — Plinko is not suitable for users who prefer to be in control of the game;
  • the possibility of losing money — it is important to gamble responsibly and set limits for the amount of deposits;
  • payout variability — in Plinko slot payouts depend on the choice of slot and game settings, it is important to carefully study the rules and payout features before betting real money.


What is Plinko? +

Plinko is a game that appeared in the United States in 1983.

Plinko is played offline and online.

The main element of the game is a vertical surface with rows of pegs. At the top of the board there is a launching pad for launching a disk. The disks bounce off the pegs, change direction and fall into the holes at the bottom of the board.

Each hole has a value, and getting a win depends on which hole the disk hits.

How to play Plinko online? +

To play online Plinko, the user chooses a gambling casino or bookmaker, registers an account or visits the site for free play.

Find a Plinko slot in the entertainment site menu, select the difficulty level of the game in the settings and assign a bet.

The «Play» button will start the game.

Depending on the multiplier the player will receive an increase in the bet amount or lose money if the ball hits the hole with a multiplier of «0».

Plinko online can be played in automatic mode.

How to play Plinko free? +

Free to play Plinko fans can play offline at home with family and friends or choose the demo mode of the popular game on the website of a popular casino or bookmaker.

For free play online Plinko user visits the site of the entertainment establishment, selects the game in the menu without prior registration and authorization, makes a bet for virtual money and launches the slot with the «Play» button.

Plinko demo does not require replenishment of your gaming account.

An additional way to play Plinko for free is to use bonus offers from casinos and bookmakers.

Where to play Plinko? +

Fans of the slot play Plinko at online casinos and betting sites such as Stake, 1xBet, Parimatch, Melbet, JoyCasino, PlayAmo, Gunsbet, Bit Starz.

Each gambling organizer offers customers individual features and betting opportunities at Plinko.

Offline gaming fans from the US have the opportunity to visit the TV show «The Price Is Right» to play giant Plinko with valuable and cash prizes.

Entertainment centers and fairs offer visitors to participate in Plinko tournaments and win valuable prizes.

For playing with friends and family, traveling and outdoors, manufacturers offer a portable version of Plinko.


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